Hey VXer's,

I'm kinda torn on trying to sell my California VX but I'm sad to see her collecting cobwebs. its a 2001 Iron man with front end damage I've been wanting to get her back on the road. I had just spent $6k for a rebuilt engine, it saw maybe 10k miles before the accident, I already sourced/bought the needed parts including a new hood (silver), bumper, A/C condenser and fan. It had also just started having a sensor issue where it would stall while driving but start right back up in neutral, at one point I tracked down the issue on the forums but only remember it could be one of three sensors at $100+ each. I can take it to Autozone for an OBD scan for/with an interested party.

It has the oem roof rack, Independent4x HD torsion bars and HD steering arms, dropped t-case mounts, snowflake rims, BFG's, tow bar, moon roof and red interior.

I haven't been in a VX mindset for many years so please chime in with input/advise but with all the parts supplied assuming 2k would cover repairs, can I expect to get 8k for her?

Thanks in advance! Ryan