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Thread: 2001 VehiCROSS Proton Yellow for Sale

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    2001 VehiCROSS Proton Yellow for Sale

    A sad day. I am the original owner of a no accident 2001 Proton Yellow VehiCROSS that I must part with. It has 185k miles. It does need some attention. There is some leaking underneath the VX. I have it in the shop to replace the trans. lines and get it fresh fluid. The windows, I do help to get all the way up. I have been doing so long that it is second nature. My mechanic has said that the mechanical welds on the frame from the factory will need attention sooner rather than later. It runs great, but I do add oil between oil changes. The front windshield has a long crack on the bottom. Asking $3200. Photos to come. Thanks, Jim

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    Honestly $3200 seems high if frame welding needs to be done. It is actually really simple, if you know what you are doing. The complexity goes up if the bad welds are between the frame and body is it will need to be lifted off to repair it. If the metal is also degraded (likely) it will need to be gusseted as well. Most people do not and when they hear about anything frame related they are inclined to just walk away. Without pictures I would be more inclined to say part it out, or get the frame issues taken care of before selling it.
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