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Thread: im back, heres an update to what has been going on.

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    im back, heres an update to what has been going on.

    hello to all,

    its been a while sence i was on last... this past year has been vary interesting and busy... we had a baby girl, moved shops, started anouther business, and built not one but two rat rods... fun but tireing............

    i was contacted about doing a lift and thought i would get back on here and post an update. hope all is well.

    by the way i have a ton of parts for sale. trying to free up space. let me know what you are looking for and i will see if i have it.
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    Hey Jake....good see your back in action.

    I've moved to TX and have a Proton now. The Dragon was totaled in a wreck on I-35 here in Austin.

    What do you have for parts?

    Lot of folks have moved over to the VehiCROSS Facebook page since the forum was down for so long.
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    I dont do facebook or any social media so I may be the only one here.

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    There are still a few of us old timers milling around here. Still lots of good info on the site and others will chime in with opinions/ options/ experience. I don't, really, do Facebook either but will check in every now and then to see how everyone is doing. Still check in here daily.

    Jake, post up some rat rod pics. Would love to see them.
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