I have been consistently achieving 14.5 to 15.1 MPG out of my VX. Not too bad for a vehicle with almost 180k miles on the clock, a 2.5” lift and 31” tires.

I am going to be doing the “blue wire” mod, and putting manual hubs on the VX, with the hopes that it will give me a least a slight bump in MPG, but I also have other reasons. I will also be doing the 4HI mod to lock up the transfer case solenoid in high range. Basically I want full control over my 4wd system, and have the ability to put it back into TOD mode. However all of that is for another discussion. For now it’s all about the roof line.

After some discussion on the FB page, it was mentioned that the roof basket can have a significant impact on MPG. To test just how much I will run two full tanks without the basket or bars attached. Then I will run two full tanks with just the cross bars put back on.

I can’t get rid of the lift, and going back to stock tire size with a lift is just ... goofy ... so those are not going to happen. But I can test the roof line and see just how much that affects the MPG over a tank or two of gas.

This should be fun.