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Thread: Vehicross OEM roofrack FS (with faring)

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    Vehicross OEM roofrack FS (with faring)

    OEM Roof Rack $350 Sale includes both racks, fasteners, 4 brackets, 4 flaps, and faring. (Shipping and 2 spare flaps included if purchased by 1/15/19)!!! This set is COMPLETE and fully functional!

    Originally purchased from VXKat....barely used since purchase....recently renewed using similar technique to VXKat's rack restore.

    FYI: I never confirmed if the Faring is generic/OEM Either way it is easily attachable via drilling front rack OR using rack adapters (sold on ebay for $36/set). The use of a faring eliminates wind noise from racks. Not from items strapped to racks.


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