I have been wanting a Roof Top Tent since I first seen one. Of course the downside is cost. Some of these can cost a few thousand dollars. Granted, those are extremely nice. Then there is the issue of the VX itself, it is very small. Finding a Roof Top Tent that is small enough to fit well, and large enough to be practical for two people has been a challenge. Even that is an understatement as I have yet to find one. I know others have done it with a “normal” Roof Top Tent, but it looks massive on top of the VX, and my fuel mileage sucks enough as it is.

I considered going the DIY route for a while, but I really just don’t want to. I can sew (mostly), and I am handy with tools, but I do not think I could get the build quality were I would like it to be. Repairing a tear is different than fabricating. I know that with my skill level with a sewing machine that it would definitely look DIY. Maybe even look (and may even function) like crap. I could spend the time to learn, but with work, collage, maintaining my house, and just maintaining the VX, I really don’t have a lot of time to start new projects. This is especially true of projects that will require me to learn new skills as I work. I did figure out that a DIY Roof Top Tent would cost me anywhere from $200 to $700 in materials. There is a mountain of fabric choices, and I am too inexperienced to know where to start, and my budget can’t afford trial and error on a project that is more of a want than a need. I do have a good ground tent that I use, and I am mostly happy with.

Then I found this: https://www.amazon.com/Kamp-Rite-Dou.../dp/B0757BKRWL

The Kamp Rite Double Cot Tent. I have a found a 4 part YouTube series of one guy in Alaska who just put the single version on his roof rack. I was intrigued, so I looked up the Cot Tent on Amazon and if I mount it sideways (the two ends unfold off the sides of the VX), it should fit quite well. Of course to keep it up there I will need to find a way to mount it, reinforce the overhangs, find a sturdy cover for it, and am I sure there will be other unplanned for issues.

But I like the idea, and it would give me a starting point. It is simple, sturdy(ish) and seemingly comfortable enough. I am considering ordering one to try it out. Who knows, I may just keep it as a ground unit if it turns out not to be a good idea. Then again, it may just be the perfect Roof Top Tent for a VX. Now to get it into the budget, Christmas was brutal on that front.