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Thread: Need caliper info

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    Need caliper info

    Hey Guys,

    I'll try to be brief....

    Brakes were grinding, took it to local place I've used a lot, they said I needed calipers as part of repair, they replaced calipers with whatever came up on their computer as stock replacement.

    Everything was fine, until I went to switch from my Duelers on the stock 18" rims to my BFG MT "winter tires" that are on 15s. I've done this every year for probably 15 years. Apparently, the replacement calipers are much larger than stock, because my 15s won't go on. The shop is trying to find smaller calipers but they don't seem to be making any progress.

    Can anyone recommend a caliper, or have any thoughts?

    I'd rather not spend $2,500 on bigger rims and new BFGs just because my shop can't find smaller calipers.

    Thanks all,

    aka BBVX
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    You could do OEM used from a salvage...on the FB group hit up Dan Danlister...he buys and parts out VXs that are beyond repair.
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    If you still have your old ones, just rebuild them. It's very simple. Emory cloth, O-ring, boot.

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    Thanks guys,

    the shop is actually trying to locate the old ones.

    I'll keep you posted

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