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Thread: Re Key Los Angeles Area

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    Re Key Los Angeles Area

    Hello, I am buying my Vehicross 1999 now.
    It have issue with the key, the open and close button on the remote does not work. Any recommendation for GOOD Mechanic in Los Angeles area , so i can have service my new love.
    Any info will be appreciate.

    Thank you Raoul

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    I hate to ask but.. Did you replace the battery in the (FOB) remote ? And.. the stock alarm/Door actuator sometimes only works up to about 5 - 10 feet away from the drivers side. Some move the antenna to get a few more feet out of them. Personally I would spend $150.00 at any alarm shop and get a much better alarm with room to grow ( doors,remote start, rear door popper, widows,etc.) I hate that the OEM as same button opens and locks the doors never knowing which you did.

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