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Thread: Cladding removal......naked "orw"... !!!!

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    Wrench Cladding removal......naked "orw"... !!!!

    .Biggest tips I can give..START at the front and back from there..
    HAVE a long bladed sharp knife handy to poke down between cladding and body to cut the stubborn double sided tape...
    AND lots of baggies to put each cladding panels fastners in!..
    As for the rivets, I cut the heads off with a chisel, and will replace with #12 machine screws.
    ALL the nuts and bolts are 10mm....start carefully and you'll soon get a feel for how much "force" is required to pop the fastners, a long flat head screw driver is handy to 'pop" them.... I broke a will too!...

    GLTY!...Feel free to PM me if you need more detail

    NAKED "ORW" !!




    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

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    All this does is convince me that I never want to remove it unless I'm permanently replacing it with a rock bumper.

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