Thought I'd place this in the "how to" section as it fits better there instead of the original cladding screws "wanted" portion of the forum.

I am in the process of replacing my stock torx screws with the Bell license plate security spikes. I purposefully chose these as they are somewhat dull, don't stick out too far to make it a legal issue, and they have the holes to tighten them down.

I epoxied furniture inserts from Lowes into the holes where the plastic inserts were originally at. The inserts are in the specialty hardware drawers and the size is 1/4" fine thread with a little flange on it. They are much more durable than the original plastic ones anyway. I am thinking I want to find some chrome or black plastic spacers to make them stick out another 1/8".

There is no logical reason other than looks to do this mod I know and it isn't cheap (or everyones taste), I am doing it over time due to cost--probably won't finish before I deploy to Afghanistan, so it'll be waiting for when I return.

As far as taste, it fits my theme of lots of tube, industrial/military look. Eventually want to get ahold of some black/machined rims from Motometal and do the black satin paint/Line-X the cladding.