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Thread: Mud Flaps/Rear roll cage

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    Wrench Mud Flaps/Rear roll cage

    So i was at my local "UPullIt" (junck yard) and was just looking for miscellaneous things for my VX like fuses and other little goodies. well there wasn't to many troopers or rodeos but there was a really cool 94 Amigo. All the other Isuzu vehicles there didnt have really much to offer me but this amigo had a really nice and intact roll cage in it and it also had a some nice mud flaps... so naturally i took both just for fun. well I am going to be talking to my fab guy tomorrow about putting in a roll cage and maybe having a T-top like or reversible rear top, a lot like the amigo but that is all still in speculation. how ever as soon as i got home i would proceed to do this little mod. give me some feed back. keep in mind that I really like these mud flap just because they say isuzu on them and plus a guy use to have an amigo one my block and i just always loved his mud flaps/ his whole RIG.

    1.First I cleaned both mud flaps really good with soap and water. I then followed up with a little alcohol just to make sure i got everything.

    2. When I found them, they were kind of bent and had a slight crease. So all i did was get a heat gun and heated up the crease and placed both of the mud flaps on the the concrete with a ten pound weight one each of the mud flaps.

    3.I left them on the ground for about ten minutes. just to make sure. When i picked them up they were both perfectly flat...

    there color was a little faded so i was a little confused about what to do so i went on youtube and search plastic/rubber restoration... well i found a lot of paints and different dyes but I kind of didn't want to go that rout just because it would mess up the Isuzu lettering. So i found a guy that restored his whole bumper with just a heat gun so that was a light bulb in my head right away considering i already had a heat gun.

    4. Put heat gun on high setting and started to do up/down motions with is. i held the heat gun about 2 to 3inches above the mud flap. turned out looking great, at least in my point of view.

    5. After doing all the prep for the mud flaps I then went to my VX. I lifted up just the back end of my VX and took off one wheel at a time. The mud flap its self had already three holes in it from being mounted on the amigo. I kind of just lined them up and tapped them in with a three quarter inch screw.

    6.Measured each side so both sides would be symmetrical and proceeded to screwing in three screws on each side.

    7. Now just Put tires back on and enjoy.


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