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Thread: V-LEDs Projector Headlight Install

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    Wrench V-LEDs Projector Headlight Install

    Alright as some of you know I have been wanting projector headlights in the VehiCross for quite some time now. Well I finally had everything ordered and all the paint supplies and a free couple of days and a different vehicle to drive so I started the project. It was A LOT easier than I thought and ANYONE could do this with just a little info and I hope that some of you can use these photos and instructions to do this yourself one day:

    Projector as I got it out of the box and installed the included chrome plastic cover:

    I took the projector apart to separate the metal housing that the bulb slides through because it will show on the rear of the projectors and since I am painting everything black this section will need to be painted as well. To separate it is easy just 4 screws that hold the chrome metal housing to the black plastic housing for the lens:

    1st you will need to remove your headlights. In order to do this you will want to remove your front bumper, this is easy and once you get good at it takes about 5 minutes. Then there is simply one screw on top of the headlights and 2 screws just below each headlight and it comes right out easily, if you really take your time taking both the bumper and headlights out should take you 15-30 minutes.

    OK HERE IS WHERE SOME PEOPLE GET SCARED, but there is no need, this is really a simple step.

    Locate an oven make sure that there is only one rack in oven and that it is on one of the lowest tracks in the oven. Test fit the cookie sheet/towel/1 headlight into your oven to make sure no metal is going to touch the headlight. Then turn your oven on and set the Temperature to 200 degrees exactly. Get a large cookie sheet, and cover the top of the cookie sheet with a damp towel. Then place your headlight onto the towel which is on top of the cookie sheet. Place headlight into oven and let it sit in there for 5 to 6 minutes. I would suggest wearing gloves from here on out. Remove cookie sheet and use a flat screwdriver and start slowly making your way around the headlight loosening the glue in between the clear plastic cover and the black plastic base of the headlight. Once you have gone all the way around once prying and turning the screwdriver start to pull the headlight apart with your hands. If you start to feel it coming loose keep going. If not place headlight back onto cookie sheet and place in oven for another 2 to 3 minutes, then try and pull apart again. Eventually it will break loose.

    Out of the oven and apart:

    Here I am test fitting the projector unit to make sure I know exactly how all of the rubber gaskets and metal washers and one nut hold all of this together before it is painted all nice. Notice the white rubber gasket just behind the metal projector housing (this white rubber gasket comes in a ziploc bag in the kit), it fits in between the stock plastic chrome reflector and the metal projectors bulb housing. Note: in order to slide the white rubber gasket on and then slide the projector kit through the stock chrome reflector you must first remove the bulb holder that the clip fits onto which comes installed on the rearmost part of the projector kit. In order to remove there are 3 small screws, east just don't drop them when reinstalling (I used tweezers to get them in place before using a very small screwdriver to tighten them down):

    Here is a picture to show the order in which the various gaskets and washers are installed. You already saw in the previous photo that on the inside there is one large rubber gasket. Well seen in this photo:
    1) First you must slide on the larger metal washer that has 3 prongs coming out from it, there will be grooves on the stock bulb socket that this fits perfectly into, note that there is only one way this washer fits perfectly into the stock socket, and only on one side, flip it around and then flip sides and one will fit perfectly.
    2) 2ndly there is a smaller white rubber gasket that goes on in between these 2 washers.
    3) 3rd there is a smaller metal washer that only has one notch coming out from it and this slides on 3rd from the back side.
    4) Finally there is the nut that screws on by hand. I would highly recommend TAKING your time on making sure the threads are going on correctly. There is also only one side this goes on. One side has rounded edges and the other side has 90 degree sharp edges. The rounded edges should face out. Once you have it going on and off easily I would recommend doing this a few times, totally tightening it, pushing on the projector unit from the front (hold it with a soft towel not to damage it) and squishing the rubber gaskets tight to get a good tight connection. You should be able to get it pretty tight by hand and then use a pair of pliers VERY CAREFULLY to get the nut just past flush with the most shallow part of the projectors bulb socket. The nut must be screwed far enough in to not interfere with the projectors 3 screws that hold on the bulb clip that must be put back on to install the bulb. This picture is of the nut tighten totally down, but before installing the socket, clip, and bulb:

    Now here is a picture after reinstalling the bulb socket with the 3 small screws and then installing the bulb and then the clip:

    Here is a shot of the incredibly tiny ballast:

    Here is the stock photo of the projector kit:

    Test fitting (before paint):

    Test fitting:

    Nasty glue on clear plexiglass:

    Goo Gone, this will remove the adhesive and not harm the plastics plus it is a gel and will not run as bad as other removers. I just sprayed it on the very edge let it sit for a few seconds and then rubbed it off with a hand towel:

    After Goo Gone:

    Here is the black housing with the nasty glue in the grooves:

    After letting Goo Gone sit for a few minutes in grooves and using a screwdriver and hand towel to remove almost all glue:

    I used 400 grit sandpaper and prepared all surfaces for paint:

    Here is the awesome Dupli-Color paints I used. Metal self etching and primer for the metal chrome bulb housing, adhesion promoter for all the plastics parts, then for the color coat I used the Gloss Black engine enamel, and finally for the clear coat I used the Clear Gloss engine enamel:

    Plastics being painted:

    Metal housings being painted, make sure to cover the threads that the nut must screw down on AND cover the inner chrome housing that the bulb will reflect off of, I used masking tape:

    Drying inside:

    Stock chrome reflector painted close up (I love the texture):

    Metal Chrome reflector housing painted:

    Plastic Parts Close Up:

    Assembly after painting:

    Bulb installed and rubber grommet used to seal the rear off:

    Both done:

    Driver's side close up:

    Ok so now that you are happy with the way everything fits together and all the screws AND BULBS are installed, it is time to seal up the front. Just get some "The Right Stuff" Gasket maker and run a thick bead inside the groove and press the clear plexiglass cover on until the clips make a good connection:

    Test Fitting:

    Testing the wiring:

    Here is the beam pattern on the wall:

    Here you see that there is roughly 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch clearance from the lens to the plexiglass cover, PERFECT!

    1st shot with bumper back on:

    Both the new projector headlights and the Hella Micro DE projector fog lights on:

    Here are the 1st shot out in some sunlight. It will look A LOT better after I clean the VX, I will post some more photos after the Little Beast is clean, but for now these will have to do. I think it makes the VehiCross look very mean:

    Final closeup (so glad I painted everything to match:


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    That looks fantastic! Shame they didn't come that way from the factory. But then again, if they had, the housing could have been considerably smaller as well.

    I went with the "el-cheapo" method and have light covers and 6k LED bulbs.

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    That looks amazing!
    VX Status: Running Great! Build is coming along nicely...

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