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Thread: Easy TOD off Switch

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    Wrench Easy TOD off Switch

    Recently, I had major knocking or pulsing when I would accelerate. Long story short, it seems to have been fixed by getting all new tires that are EXACTLY the same diameter. The TOD didn't like the different sizes. However, my front tires wear faster than the back ones, so I installed a TOD off switch for those times when my ride starts behaving badly again and I haven't made it to the tire shop yet.

    There is alot of stuff on this site that would suggest that it may be a bad idea to install this switch. This vehicle was not designed to have a TOD off switch. One member reported breaking a driveshaft. I plan to drive mine with the TOD connected at all times unless I experience any more funny business.

    With that said, I couldn't find a how-to on the site that was basic enough for a novice like me, so once i figured it out, I thought I would make one myself.

    Thanks to Michael S and Vovkus. I figured this out from reading a post from Michael S where he is inserting two switches to manually control the TOD's power or turn it off. Simple to them was very complicated for me and since I was only going for an on/off switch that wouldn't make my dashboard light up like a christmas tree, I created this post.

    Also, these pics reflect temporary wiring that I used when figuring out how to get the switch to work. I will go back and solder all the connections, use heat shrink tubing, get a proper project box and insert a spade lug for my ground to clean the whole thing up. I suggest everyone else does the same.

    Here is the basic scheme. The TOD ECU is located underneath the passenger seat. The idea is to install a switch from the TOD ECU so that the light blue wire that controls the TOD clutch is either running through the TOD clutch or it is running through some resistors and being grounded out. This will complete the circuit and fool the TOD ECU into believing it is running and everything will appear to be working normally. Even the TOD display will show power going to the front wheels, although it isn't really.

    Here is the Light blue wire

    Here is my switch. Got it from Radio Shack.

    Run 3 wires under the center console and up to the switch on the dash.
    One wire connects the light blue wire on the TOD ECU to the switch, the second wire goes from the switch to the other end of the blue wire that was cut. When the switch is flipped this way, power will go to the TOD Clutch and your TOD will be functioning normally.

    Another wire goes from the other side of the switch to a pair of 10 ohm resistors you need to buy. Then a wire connects the other ends of the resistors to a ground. Since the body of the vehicle is grounded and the bolt that attaches the TOD ECU is bolted tightly to the body, this is a convenient ground. When the switch is flipped this way, the circuit is completed with the right amount of resistance and the TOD ECU is fooled. I used 2710132, 10 OHM resistors from Radio Shack. Thanks again to Michael S for the item number.

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    VX Status: Running Great! Build is coming along nicely...

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    Is there any affect on performance? Have you noticed any difference in fuel economy or drivability? And just curious why he wants you to run two 10-ohm resistors in series vs. one 20-ohm resistor?

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    Keep us informed.
    My tod light is on but everthing seems to work fine. Street driving only so far.
    Thanks for the detailed writeup

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    When you say knocking sounds where is the sound coming from? Engine or transfer case?

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