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Thread: Repainting Windshield Wiper Arms

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    Wrench Repainting Windshield Wiper Arms

    step 1: put a piece of masking tape above the blade to mark the current position of the blade.

    step 2: Remove rubber covers via flat head screw driver shimmy.

    step 3: Remove bolts
    --drivers side is easiest to remove with the hood open
    --passenger side is easiest to remove with the hood closed

    step 4:remove wipers
    --push down on the spring joint while lifting up

    step 5: remove blades

    step 6:sand down wipers

    step 7: spray paint with rustoleum flat black
    --let dry

    step 8: reverse steps 4, 3, 2, 1

    NOTE: the drivers side wiper is shorter than the passenger side.

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    Anyone ever try putting a longer wiper arm on the driver's side to match the longer arm on the passenger side?

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