Everybody likes a xenon light, but if you just put the H4 xenon bulb in to VX headlamp it will light like sh.. mmm not so well))). I would like to explain how to insert bixenon lenses to VX headlamp, for the exellent light ).
All this pics shown a JDM headlamps wich is little different, but I think, technology is the same vith US VX headlamps. I used Hella lenses only, all the rest (bulbs, starters etc) is SHOME.

1. First, you have to put you headlamp in to the oven with temperature approx 100 C (Celsium!!!) for a 10-15 min, until hermetic became soft, then use screw driver or knife for removing a front glass (use gloves - it is HOT)

2. Take out all the parts, remove a reflector, for the next step

3. prepare reflector for lens applying

4. 90 mm Hella bixenon lens (a lot of europinean cars produsers using it) bulb type is D2S/D2R.

5. apply lens in reflector's body, you have to remember about "horizont line" when applyuing lens.

6. when the horizont and vertical position is right, fix the lens in reflector's body

7. install reflector back in to the headlamp

8. Than we can see ugly cuted reflectors surface, I used a plastic folder to maka a cover

9 make a cover and put in