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Thread: grip tape on door handles

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    Wrench grip tape on door handles

    My gf ripped off a nail getting in my vx like 8 months ago. Let me tell ya, she was not happy. I got out some of my super grip no slip tape-some real good stuff that I bought at a trailer supply store for non-slip trailer floors. I carefully cut a strip for each handle and stuck them on the underside of each one....and they really make a difference. After 8 months of heavy use, carwashes,a rainy fall, a salty snowy winter, they are still stuck on and working perfect. No slip means no "lip" from my sweety !
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    Great idea for the exterior! For the interior, I ended up using some Lizard Skins chainstay protectors. I got 2 of them and cut them in half length wise. Velcro'd them together and wrapped one around each door handle. I think i posted it up here a while back.

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