heres how i replaced my abs module.. it was very easy for me.. i have a pretty decent amount of experience working on cars but i am far from being considered a great mechanic too..

ABS Module Replacement

tools i used...

8mm crescent (open end) wrench
10mm crescent (open end) wrench
12mm crescent (open end) wrench
30" of 1/4" inner diameter (ID) clear tubing
32oz bottle of gatorade (empty)
48oz (1.5 quarts) DOT3 synthetic brake fluid (I used valvoline brand)
someone to sit in vx and push the brake pedal on command

Disconnect the negative (-) battery cable

locate your abs module

find the wire harness connected to it, on the right side of the harness there is a little nub you can grab onto, pull it straight out (sideways from the harness) until it wont go any further (should pull out about 1-1.5 inches

remove the harness by pulling straight upwards

using the 10mm crescent wrench, undo all 5 connections on the abs module.. the threads are pretty deep so it will take you a little while, i started in the back, then did the two on the right then the two on the left, but i dont think order matters

after getting each one unscrewed completely i let it rest in the abs module still to keep debris from getting into the lines

take the 12mm crescent wrench and undo the two nuts holding the abs module on either side

be careful not to bend the brake lines, gently move them out of the way and wiggle your abs unit out

mine took a good amount of wiggling, but i also have about 3 trillion aftermarket wires running through that area

on either side of the abs module where you had to take off the 12mm nuts, there are rubber stoppers in the unit where the threaded mounting bolts stick out of, pull them out and put them in your new abs unit if you dont have them already

slide your new abs unit in place, be careful not to bend the brake lines, make sure the mounting bolts and rubber stoppers are in place and secure the unit with the two 12mm nuts you removed before taking out the unit

reconnect all 5 brake lines, i started with the back, then did the two on the left and then the two on the right, start them by hand as far as you can go to avoid cross-threading

take care not to overtighten to the point you strip threads

with the locking slide still pulled all the way out, carefully put the electrical harness back on and lock it into place with the sliding piece you had to pull out to remove the harness before

double check that all of your connections are secure and that your wiring harness cannot be pulled loose

reconnect your negative (-) battery cable


smile at the fact that your abs light is out, admire how easy the replacement was and wonder why you didnt do it weeks ago

stop the vx

take your bottle, pour 1-2" of clean brake fluid in the bottom of it

cut a hole in the lid just large enough to pass the clear plastic tubing through

insert the plastic tubing through the hole, make sure the end is completely submerged in the brake fluid or you will get more air in your lines!

remove the abs fuse

find someone to sit in the drivers seat of your vx and step on the brake pedal

did you remember to remove the abs fuse?

start the vx... curse the fact that the abs light is back

if your abs light is not back on... remove the ABS fuse!

make sure your brake fluid reservoir is full, and remains full during the entire process (black cap, yellow fluid)

do not leave the cap off the of the brake fluid reservoir! debris in your brake fluid = very bad

get under your vx behind the rear passenger wheel

locate the bleeder valve, it is on the caliper towards the rear of the vehicle (note this photo is the front drivers side but you must start at the rear passenger side!)

in this photo it is the cleanish looking round black piece on the caliper

remove the cap off of the bleeder valve and put it somewhere you wont lose it

this is your bleeder valve

slide the end of your tubing over the valve, make sure its snug, be sure the other end is fully submerged in brake fluid in your bottle

fit the 8mm crescent wrench onto the bleeder valve (just below the clear tubing)

did you pull your abs fuse?
is your brake fluid reservoir full?
is your vx running?

have the person in the drivers seat pump the brake pedal at least 3 times and hold the pedal firmly down

while the pedal is being held down, turn the wrench to open the bleeder valve, a surge of brake fluid should come down the tube and the brake pedal will drop to the floor, once the initial surge is over, close the bleeder valve

pump the brake pedal 3 times, firmess should return to the pedal by the 3rd pump, hold the brake pedal down

open the bleeder valve and close after the surge of fluid

keep an eye on the brake fluid reservoir!! if it goes dry you have to bleed the master cylinder and then start the brake bleeding process over again! mine would get down to the "add" line after every 3-4 times i opened the bleeder valve.. if you have another person around to just keep an eye on the reservoir it would be a good idea, otherwise just remember to keep an eye on it

repeat this 12-15 times at minimum but continue until no air comes out with the brake fluid

be sure the bleeder valve is fully closed, remove the tube from the valve (watch your eyes for spray)

replace the cap for the bleeder valve

check brake fluid reservoir!!!

move to the rear drivers side tire

have helper pump the brakes again and repeat process 12-15 times or until all air is removed, watch your head and arms, the exhaust pipe/muffler will be very hot

check brake fluid reservoir!!!

move to the front passenger tire
repeat bleeding process 8-10 times or until all air is removed

check brake fluid reservoir!!!

move to front drivers tire
repeat bleeding process 8-10 times or until all air is removed

turn off the vx

replace your abs fuse

top off your brake fluid


I had no brake fluid coming out of the lines disconnected from the abs module, but have a rag handy just in case.. brake fluid eats paint

make sure make sure make sure that your brake fluid reservoir stays full the whole time

there is no such thing as over-bleeding your brakes.. worst thing that could happen is you waste brake fluid, so take your time and be thorough