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Thread: Fix Outside Door Handle w/not open

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    Wrench Fix Outside Door Handle w/not open

    Well, my outside door handle broke and I couldn't open the door from the outside. (My spin on what happened. You go to open the door, and the handle slips off of your finger tips, and the snapping of the handle breaks the plastic rod clip at the top where it plugs into the handle)

    Word of warning. If this happens and the rod falls forward and you lower your window, there is a chance that the window coming down could bend the rod or that the rod could scratch the window, espically if the window is tinted.

    Am sure the book will tell you to disconnect the battery before starting, but I like music when I work.

    Anyway, it's a simple fix. I happened to have the proper tools, but that doesn't mean you can't just use a flat tip screwdriver for prying if your careful

    #1 & #2 phillips.

    I used a bone tool used for prying, supplied by ipd, part number WST1014, for $4.95 Great little tool for prying the interior panels and what have you apart, buy 2, their cheap enough.

    Master Door Panel Tool Set 5pc Stainless, supplied by Eastwood Co., part number 52354, on sale right now for 34.95. (7/20/06)

    Start by removing the cover over the 1 ea #1 phillips screw for the tweeter speaker and remove screw and disconnect the speaker.

    Remove the 1ea #1 phillips screw for the inside handle. (There is enough slop in this handle assy. that you can just twist it around when you remove the door panel.)

    Using the bone tool, I pried the front of the inside door pull up.

    Disconnect the conector for the door lock/window opener.

    Once the handle is removed, you will see 2ea #2 phillips screws.

    Then, using one of the tools from the door panel tool set, pry the door panel away. There are 9 clips that hold the door panel in place.

    Once you have all of the clips unclipped, you need to raise the panel up over the inside door lock at the top and twist the inside handle to remove the panel.

    Check to see that all of the clips came off with the panel and replace damaged/missing clips. part number, Clip; Door Pad 8-94318803-1 (GM #94318803)

    Now, pull the vapor barrier back from the rear of the door. Take care with it, it is important to put it back and repair any tears with duck tape.

    You should see the rod flopping around in there. One of the ears on the rod clip will be broken, that is what keeps the rod plugged in.

    The part number for the right hand one is, Holder; Rod, Door - 8-97037-508-0. The left hand is a 509

    Replace the clip, plug it into the hole in the handle, and it's fixed. Writing this up took twice as long as doing the job. Just reverse what you did to take it apart. If you happen to have a spraycan of white lithium grease, you might want to give the door latch a spray.

    I ordered the parts from St. Charles Isuzu. I ordered 2 right hand ones so I would have a spare and 1 left hand. I also got 12 of the door panel clips, total cost to my mail box was $11.99. It took 10 days
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    Thank You.

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    I need to find a new left side one . Any ideas anyone? will buy bot sides and clips too. HELP !
    Bill MG

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