While installing my Hella Micro DE Fog Lights , I also did a simple but, effective mod to my turn signals.
I never have liked that the front corner marker lamps were a steady on. Every car that I've owned including my wife's current Accord has some type of flashing front corner lamp.

I do a simple clip here and hook there method. Here's some instructions that are shown for the passenger side. The driver's side is basically the same;

Materials needed;
2 lengths of 18ga wire, length may vary per vehicle so, I can't be specific here (Black color if you can)
2 Scotchlock connectors (Or, you can solder the connections)
Black electicians tape.
Soldering iron and solder for eletrical not plumbing
Heat Shrink tubing

While you have the front fascia cladding off, remove the front corner marker lens by removing the screw then gently pushing the lens towards the rear of the vehicle. Twist the lamp holder to remove it from the lens.

Pull the holder and as much wiring as possible, (being careful to not pull to hard) cut back the black tubing that encases the wires approximately 3 inches to allow for some movement. This is the hard part, snake a length of black 18ga wire from the corner lamp end back through the tubing that encases the wires till it get to the area of the horn, right before the tubing makes the curve to go back through the galley way in to the engine compartment.

Using a set of wire cutters (Dikes) make a small slit in the tubing and retreive the new wire that you just struggled to get down there. (BE CAREFUL to not cut the wires that are in the tube!!)

Going back to the corner lamp socket, about 2 inches fron the socket, cut the (Ground) Black Wire with Silver spots. (If you have a lighted circuit checker, use it to double check your work) Put a section of heat shrink tubing over the new black wire, strip the end of the black wire and the end of the short section still attached to the lamp socket. Twist the two together. I chose to solder the connection you can do however you choose. Wrap off the other end of the Black wire with Silver spots to seal it from the elements.

Then place the heat shrink tubing over the joint and apply heat until the tubing is tight. (If you've never used heat shrink before, test it before doing this)

Place the wires into the black tubing. Try to get them as smooth as possible.

Wrap the tubing with black tape to help seal out the elements.

Making another slit in the black tubing that encases the wires going to the front turn signal, feed the loose end of the new black wire into the new slit just cut and work it all the way down to the end coming out by the front turn signal socket.

Wrap the new black wire and tubing to keep the elements out.

At the end of the tubing by the front turn signal socket, cut back the black tubing that encases the wires approximately 3 inches to allow for some movement. Take a Scotchlock and splice the new black wire onto the (HOT. yes, the HOT wire) Green wire with Black stripe and White Spots

Place the wires back into the black tubing and then wrap with black tape to seal out the elements.

Put everything back together.
When all said and done your signals should work like this;

Parking Lights and or Head Lights on

Parking Lights and Head Lights on and Turn Signal On

Parking Lights and Head Lights Off and Turn Signal On

I'd like to think that this addresses a saftey concern.. I like to have everyone know that I'm making a turn whether they are in front of me or to the side.
Take a look at Tone's conversion kit, it's great but, if it doesn't suit your needs, this may be an answer. Good Luck!