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    Ugh. Just finished a water pump, oil pump, fuel injectors, plugs, wires, and timing belt on a 2001 Tacoma. (Beach truck!) (it was a GREAT buy - $500 because it “needed a new engine”. Nope. Just needed some MAINTENANCE)

    Go out to change the oil in my VX today (165,000 miles) and lo and behold, she’s dripping antifreeze from the bottom front of the engine. I’m grateful I didn’t overheat her while driving (about a 40 mile trip from work) but some days I feel I just can’t fix stuff as fast as it breaks.

    Oh well - guess it’s time to do the water pump and timing belt! I’ll do the thermostat as well.
    Also, I think I will change out the power steering pump while I’m in there - it’s made a funny humming/buzzing/whining noise from the day I bought the truck (let’s just say I KNOW my truck by the sound it makes!!)

    By the way - it looks like a VERY similar setup to the Tacoma - and much like a Miata as well. I guess the design works.

    Partsgeek here I come... Again.

    By the way - is it recommended to change out the idler pulley, tensioner pulley, and tensioner as well?

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