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Thread: JDM Steering wheel install FYI

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    JDM Steering wheel install FYI

    Ok, first off, this new forum interface is really throwing me.

    I purchased a re-wrapped JDM wheel on here a while back, and I'm just now trying to get it installed. Problem is, the airbag plug on it is NOT compatible with the clock-spring in my 1999 VX. However, I did get the clock-spring for a 1996 Trooper, and it DOES plug directly into the JDM airbag.

    So while I haven't finished the install...yet, I'm 1/2 way there. All I have to do now (when I get time) is verify the other plug end of both clock-springs are identical *crosses-fingers*. If they are, then this is just a bolt-up operation and I'm done.

    Just thought I'd share. I've searched extensively and never found any info on what it takes to make this a bolt-up option. Plenty have installed the JDM wheel--but none have ever gone into detail on how/what they did. Some styles of airbags have plug-on connectors for the charge pack itself, but this JDM airbag (if it has them at all) has those wires buried inside the housing. Swapping blade connectors airbag to airbag was my first hope. But since that seems to be a potential problem, I went ahead and sourced what I "guessed" would be a compatible clockspring--something from a similar model year.

    Hope this helps anyone who may opt for this mod in the future...for all the few of us VX owners that are left and actually come here.

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    I have confirmed that the 1996 Trooper clockspring is 100% plug and play with a JDM steering wheel. However, I do currently have an airbag light and the horn is not working. I'm unable to tell if that's a faulty clockspring, faulty horn-button/airbag, or what.

    To plug/unplug the back side of the clockspring, you'll have to undo the surround on the steering column, a few screws on the lower dash, and remove the hood-release handle to get to a screw. After this, the plug is accessible (it sits on top of the fuse box).

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