Hello Yall,
It has been many years, mostly because the VX has been running great. However, I've had a serious issue over the last couple of months that forced me to get the VX towed home twice:

1- on my way to the GYM, I noticed the head lights were very dim and at a stop sign the VX almost didn't want to move with me flooring it. I managed to turn around to go back home, but the engine died and I could not get it started again:
I walked home grabbed a spare battery put it in the VX, started immediately and drove normal...When I put the battery on the charger, it was down to 37% of its total charge...The positive battery terminal was lose, so it made sense!
2- Believing I resolved the issue, I drove the VX to work, but 14 miles into the drive, at a stop sign, the same thing happened, the VX started driving very sluggish and losing power, and the battery did not have enough juice to restart the engine after it died
3- Okay, now I believed the Alternator was not charging the battery! I took the alternator to a repair shop and $135 later I had it rebuilt
4- Believing I finally solved the issue, I decided to drive the VX to work...The same damn thing happened five miles into the drive...Lost power, battery died and one more thing...I heard a lot of noise under the hood and started seeing steam/smoke come from under the hood. When I took a look, I quickly could see the Antifreeze was boiling in the radiator reservoir container...So, it appeared obvious the thermostats had been shot

1- Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, did replacing the thermostat solve this issue for you?
2- Is it a bigger problem than just a faulty thermostat? if so, what should I be checking?
3- Where the Hell is the thermostat located? I cannot find a match for the image on page 6B-8

Thank you all for your help