Hey guys! First off, excuse my screen name, I really wish I could change it. Wasn't sure what I was thinking many years ago when I created the account.

(1) Recently(about a month ago), my AC Compressor started acting up. On a cold start, it would work fine. But after about 15-30 minutes of driving it cuts off and doesn't come back on unless I turn it off for about 15 to 20 minutes. Once that amount of time passes, it begins to work again. We've emptied the Freon, replaced the blower. We've even tried taking the compressor's clutch off but failed, we're not sure if we might be doing something wrong but that thing doesn't want to come off. We took the bolt off the middle, put a clutch remover tool and started trying to pull off the clutch. We ended up stripping the bolt we used to push out the clutch. We're a bit in need as the weather here in south Texas has been in the 3 digits for a long while. Note: I'd like to mention the AC does make a whirring sound in the middle of accelerating and decelerating at low speeds and only in those moments when the RPM's are dropping and rising not when it's steady.

(2) Where can we find those clips that belong on the side-walls in the back seat? We removed the walls to change out the speakers and most of them broke off. Is there a remedy for this or somewhere we could find replacement clips? Otherwise, it might be easier/cheaper to drill holes through the plastic and use caps to cover the holes.

(3) Speaking of speakers, what size speakers does this car take? My sister installed some speakers in the back and looks like there is this baffle under the speaker to, what it seems like, install a bigger speaker.

(4) The 4 knobs that clip on the back tire cover panel, a couple of them broke. Is there a remedy for this or somewhere we could find replacement knobs?

(5) When we tried changing out the head unit receiver, we discovered someone chopped off the original adapter on the car and crimped the receiver's adapter. Anyone know where we might be able to find a spare?

(6) Suspension, I read here that it's possible to recharge your shocks(or struts? not too savvy on this), only if they aren't leaking oil. I haven't noticed any oil splatter or evidence of leaking oil. How would we go about getting them recharged or sending them to get serviced? Or otherwise, does anyone recommend any that are near OEM or OEM specs?

I really appreciate y'alls input and advice. Looking forward to what I can discover.