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Thread: Getting really frustrated with the VX FB page...

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    Oh yeah.. please read Sue's post on your thread..

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    Chris,/thelgord I'd like to make an observation. One of the VERY unusual characteristics of the .info forum and the FB VX page is the civility and helpfulness.
    It's been discussed and mentioned by many MANY members, that this car group was like NO other they'd seen and didn't have fighting or disrespectful comments....that we're adults and can discuss differences of opinion in a civil manner. We usually attribute this to it being such a small population, with a mutual love of such a rare, eclectic truck. Plus you're dealing with people that have known each other for long periods of time, some 10 yrs or more....we're a family of sorts, and always welcome newcomers!

    From what I've seen, you've repeatedly (not always, but several times) been short, snippy and sharp to people trying to help you by giving you info. You’re just plain mean. You snapped at me in the past when I gave you info…. and IMHO, you got snippy with Jo Birch in the past and you got really too righteous with "Jo Isuzu”. ….and it all just headed downhill from there.

    Perhaps you don’t realize how your tone comes across to others, but that's just NOT how we roll here...……. TO EACH HIS OWN, let owners do whatever they want to their rigs. You can say you don’t agree and that’s not for you, but leave it at that, be respectful. Respect what others want to do to theirs. It’s their truck!

    We pride ourselves on NOT being like many other forums where they just talk smack, criticize, attack others and fight…..and we’d like to keep it that way, please.
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    If I have short or snippy in the past, that was not my intent, unless it was clear that I ment to be. It is a failing of mine. However, when people make up lies and accusations without proof, and then I even offer to help them get the “proof” that I already know doesn’t exists, the response is “I don’t have time that”, but I am the bad guy. Yes, I do get snippy with people who make false accusations.

    I do not recall being snippy with you VX Kat, however, you say I was, so I will just accept that I was. For that I apologize.

    I am not making excuses, for anything I have said. I am grown enough to take responsibility for what I have said. But I will be dammed if I am going to sit by while people invent accusations. I have even gone out of my to help them find the proof against me they claims exists. If that doesn’t speak volumes, then I don’t what else will.
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    Thanks Kat , wise words...from the Matriarch of all things Isuzu <3

    Chris... You initiated the recurring issue with your ongoing insults and demeaning rhetoric ..... 5 days ago now.

    Those words stand alone..and were the entire genesis of this issue.... DAYS AGO.

    Trying to blame the dispute and excuse/deflect your rude/insulting replies on the excuse of arguably altered post now.... simply disingenuous , because you made insults.... DAYS ago.

    One is not contingent on the other..simple as that.

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    All of this stuff in your head that is (fabricated , accusations, false lies) are all AFTER THE FACT of you insulted me, Jo, others and the FB page. What your saying is you dish it out and expect it not to come back at you.. Best advice is.. Nothing good to say.. Keep your mouth shut. Funny thing is you didn't even want to insult me and when you figured out it was me you were insulting, you replied.. You put your 2 cents in so I deserve it too !! All I posted was my bad experience with ABS and 4x4ing.. what came out of you ? I'm a horrible person, I can't drive correctly, I'm the worst example of a VX owner, I tell people to cut holes in their truck, I tell people to pull bulbs to hide problems. Non of which are true. I will tell people to pull relay/disengage their ABS if they want to go 4x4ing..

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    *waves arms wildly to distract people from flaming each other*

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