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Thread: License Plate Light

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    License Plate Light

    My license Plate Lights went out on my 2001 VX, can anyone direct me to how to change them out.


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    Phillips head screwdriver will remove the plastic covers. 2x screws on each cover. Bulb is a 194 i think. I just got some LED ones because I'm addicted to purple and put purple LED's most everywhere.

    Bulbs will just push in/out. but check for corrosion. Possible that the gasket around the light is rotted and water is splashing up into the housings.

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    The bracket that holds the lights tends to corrode on many VX's. Mine has been a Colorado car most of it's life and the license plate light bracket is nearly rotted completely off of the car.

    The screws may be rusted to the bracket on yours so be careful when you try to remove them.
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    Many have had to remove the rear cladding to get this done because of the rust issue. There are a few write ups on here that detail that and someone over on the Facebook page just did theirs as well.

    Mine was a lifelong Colorado VX and had the same issue. Thankfully I never had to change them. Was thinking about going to LED but decided against it.
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    Posted by Ralph Harris on the FB page.

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