I am selling my OEM Roof Rack for $350 with $50 for fairing ($400). I'm missing the fairing mounts but they are still sold here...

The rack includes all four rail mounts . I am also missing one of the end flaps (that hides the clamp/screws). Some people don't even use these flaps. Either one of us can get a new one...or new color-coordinated set from another member. (I contacted him a recently and he still has flaps).

I will post pictures within the next few days. I've been meaning to post this for quite awhile but drug my feet. This listing should propel the process! LOL Also, I figured we are entering travel season where someone would want a set....so I should get the rack posted.

FYI: I used the rack a few times but finally gave in to a hitch/trailer during a home remodel. Don't need the rack anymore. Please know the fairing eliminates wind "whistling" easily heard inside the truck. In that regard, the fairing is well worth it.

I haven't explored (approx) shipping cost yet. The rack will ship from zip 66061.