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Thread: Removing top rail cap and roof rack

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    Removing top rail cap and roof rack

    Hi Guys,
    My VX needs the top roof painted. Any tricks on removing the rail caps or removing the rails.
    I don't want to break anything.
    Thanks Billy

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    For the rails caps, I use a steel pick tool with an "L" shape on one end. Stick it under the outer bottom lip and GENTLY pull outwards to release cap from it's "lip". 50% chance you might break one since the plastic is so old. Will refer you to a guy who makes/sells replacement sets....if necessary. 3D printed maybe? I don't remember.

    For the rails themselves....
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    I used a very thin flat head screwdriver. One of the caps got a minor chip but it was on the inside. Seriously thought I was going to break them getting them off.

    To get the rail and tail fin off you need to pull the head liner.
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