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Thread: Auxiliary Fuse Box

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    Question Auxiliary Fuse Box

    I looking for a place to install an Auxiliary Fuse Box. I have one from Blue Sea, it was in my Tacoma before I does it. The area under the hood offers little to no space, and I think I can get it between the vacuum canister and the fender wall, and between the battery and the ABS controller. There is very tiny amount of space there that may work, but I will need to make a bracket to hold it.

    Has only one else installed an AUX fuse box? If so, where did you put it?
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    Moncha installed an auxiliary fuse box in his VX right behind the existing fuse box and did a write-up on it. I used that writ-up to install the same aux. fuse box in my VX. It is not an "official" fuse box, but something that he put together. Mine has been in there for going on 10 years now and I have not had a problem with it. I don't have time to search right now, but the build thread is on here somewhere and I will try to find it.
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