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Thread: Using DropBox for forum images

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    Using DropBox for forum images

    OK, so I finally found a way to get images onto the forum. Use DropBox!

    1) Upload your image to a folder in DropBox, doesn’t matter which one.
    2) “Share” the image. Make sure you get the link from DropBox
    3) Your link will look like -

    This is where is gets fun. The “?dl=0” tells a browser not to download the file, but to try to render it in the browser. This DOES NOT work for the VX forms.

    If you set it to “?dl=1” it will try to force the file to download. This also does not work for the forum.

    However, if you change it to - “?raw=1”, the image will display.
    This code:


    Will display:
    VX Status: Running Great! Build is coming along nicely...

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