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Thread: ARB deluxe bull bar

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    ARB deluxe bull bar

    I have emailed ARB about this, but I doubt I will get much help from them.

    I would like to put an ARB Deluxe Bull Bar on the front of Vixen.

    The width of the one for the trooper is correct at 70.5 inches, and probably had the closest frame mount, but the front of the trooper is rather flat.

    They make one for the 99 amigo/rodeo, but I know nothing about those frames or how it would mount, or the width of the bumper. However the front does seemed more curved back like the VX. Well, more so than the trooper anyway.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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    As expected, from the email they sent me, “We do not do experimental cross fitments here between vehicle platforms.”

    They suggested going to a custome fabricator, which I can do myself, I was just really hoping to get an ARB bumper that would work. So, unless I want to drop ~$2500 on a couple of different bumpers and try different figment options it looks like this is a bust.

    Basically I would need to ensure that the shape and size of an amigo/rodeo bumper would fit, then I would need to know if the mounting rails/bracket that is used by the trooper bumper can made to fit the bumper fo the amigo/rodeo, then ensure that the mounting bracket can be installed correctly to the VX.

    With all of the custome fab work that would have ot be done anyway, I think it is best to just build a bumper.

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    look at my post near the top of this section about nerfbars and bullbars

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