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Thread: Rocky Road Outfitters

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    Question Rocky Road Outfitters

    Has anyone done business with Rocky Road Outfitters? I am considering getting their 3” lift (which is probaly close to 2.5” after reading a lot about VX suspension on here. But the price is good and uses OME Springs and Shocks.

    Here is the link:

    I think the Old Man Emu shocks would ride better than a lot of similarly priced after market shocks, but the site seems a little 1990’s ish, so I have concerns. If they are legit, then I will probably get a few other things from them as well.
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    I purchased 2 sets of rock sliders from them. They had to build them, and since I live in Utah I arranged to pick them up. They were good for my transaction, but that was 3 years ago. I chose them because there were many posts indicating that the rock sliders they have are some of the best buy of the shelf vs. make your own.

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