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Thread: BEWARE of forum user VXDoc: Scam mechanic who trashed my VX!

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    BEWARE of forum user VXDoc: Scam mechanic who trashed my VX!

    Hello All,

    I just wanted to share my recent experience to warn others to be on the lookout for this man:

    I know him as Anthony Lopez, but he also goes by Giovanni Anthony, Giovanni Savvoy, or just Gio. He is a registered member of this site (but doesn't look to have been active in years) with the username of VXDoc. He came recommended to me in the past by other members of this site who apparently had (positive) experiences with him.

    Anthony recently worked as manager of a repair shop called Elevation Performance in Denver, CO. Elevation Performance had good online reviews, as well as a good rating with the BBB. In addition to that, I could tell that Anthony was extremely knowledgeable about VXs when I spoke with him several times on the phone prior to deciding to take my VX in to him for work.

    To somewhat shorten a long story, I paid Anthony and Elevation Performance over $8,600 of my OWN money (not insurance money) to repair some front-end damage to my VX, as well as to do a bunch of additional modifications to it. In the very beginning he actually seemed to start some of the repair work and prep for modification... but then he kept coming up with excuses for lack of updates (I lived more than an hour away from his shop, so couldn't be there checking in on my VX in person all of the time) and delay of progress. Towards the end, he became basically uncommunicative.

    When I repossessed my VX on August 26, 2017, it was in WORSE shape than when I took it to him (and that is a serious tragedy because, aside from the bit of front-end damage it had sustained in the accident, it was one of the nicer VXs out there: super clean, low miles, and none of the little problems typical of VXs). Anthony claimed it was one of the nicest he had seen in a long time...

    It is now stripped of parts (which have either been stolen or sold by Anthony), has other remaining parts damaged, and the interior is trashed from it having the glass taken out and then apparently left to sit outdoors unprotected. He also stole my car keys (I have spare sets, not that it matters since the car is completely undriveable right now).

    *other photos of my VX, both before and after I took it to Anthony, can be seen in my gallery under member photos*

    Elevation Performance suddenly and unexpectedly closed down in August as well, which I wasn't aware of until I went to pick up my VX. The shop closed (reportedly because of Anthony's "mismanagement", as per the shop's owner), leaving numerous other people with vehicles not only unfinished, but also torn apart and missing parts. There have been several articles and stories about this situation in the local news, including this one:

    As of right now, the Denver Police and Denver District Attorney's Office are still gathering evidence and looking at putting together official criminal charges against Anthony. But from what I have recently heard, he is on the run and has skipped town.

    Elevation Performance's owner has been directing their customers to their insurance company, but when I contacted them they claimed that Elevation's policy would not cover the damage and theft to my VX.
    My insurance company currently looks to be on course to pay out next to nothing on my policy for my VX. I am looking into personal lawyers to bring a civil suit in county court against Anthony, should he ever be located, but the chances of ever getting my money back are looking dismal. I took out a loan to fund the repairs/mods for my VX, so I am essentially left making monthly car payments on a vehicle that I cannot drive

    Estimates done by a new shop put the cost of replacing missing/damaged parts at about $13,000. I do not have that kind of money (and am not able to save money by doing the repairs myself). This was my dream car. I had been wanting a VX since I first laid eyes on one in '99, and could not believe my good fortune when I was FINALLY able to buy my gorgeous Ebony in 2014. I am heartbroken.

    For all you other VX owners out there, please be on guard for anybody advertising themselves as a VX mechanic in your area. With Anthony currently on the run, who knows where he may pop up next. If he is in need of money where he ends up, I wouldn't be surprised if he advertises his services on Craigslist or VX groups/forums. And he is definitely known to be a user of Craigslist: I did some digging on there and found several ads he posted online in the weeks before and just after I picked up my VX, where he was parting out multiple VXs (including a 2001, which may or may not have been a direct reference to MY VX)...

    Thanks for reading, and may your VXs all be in good health!

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    Sorry to hear that, hope the shop owner can offer some kind of resolution. Obviously a terrible situation but don't let it pull your life down, do the best you can and move past it as much as possible.

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    Well poopy ...
    VX Status: Running Great! Build is coming along nicely...

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    I know it may not be much consolation, but several good condition VX’s have come up for sale lately for about half of what repairs are going to be.

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    Amber, really sorry that you got screwed so badly. I lost some stuff also but nothing compared to what you did and nothing I can't do without. He had a half VX that was to be turned into a teardrop trailer, a set of wheels, and some misc parts for an old Chevy truck. He did do some work for me over the years and I considered him a friend. I even recommended him in the past. I noticed that the quality of his work dropped off in the last couple of years. He did and engine swap for me a while back and messed up a couple of things. I don't know what happened but I have to guess it was his self destructive streak that made him implode. He really is a nice guy, I just don't get it...
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    It appears they striped the whole VX. Looks like jail time for tony! If the shop doesn't step up and cover the loss maybe the attorney general may need to alerted.

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