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Thread: Project VXOverLand

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    I hear you. I still have to go back and re-center my steering wheel, and then get the OBD code diagnosed. With the limited number of people in the VX community, the limited number of those who have actually done a JDM steering-wheel swap (not to mention the lack of people on this forum), it's quite literally a pick-up game trying to figure any of this out.

    It would be great if someone knew if this was a normal thing, or if I had a bad clockspring. Oh well. Uncharted territory here we all go.

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    Some would say it’s all part of the fun I think owning a VX is a disease, or at least an addiction. **scratches arm** hey man, got any of dose jdm parts ... LOL!
    VX Status: Running Great! Build is coming along nicely...

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