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Thread: Various front end parts needed!

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    Various front end parts needed!

    Front cladding, grill, A/C condenser, clutch fan blade assembly (looks like the clutch and blades can be separated), passenger headlight, hood latch assembly and possibly some miscellaneous brackets and what nots to attach all this stuff. I also need a radiator but can probably just get one from the parts store. Possibly a passenger side fender if not too pricey. The fender is probably fixable but would just be easier to replace it.

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    There is a person in OHIO that dismantles VX's . Look on Ebay under Vehicross parts and you will find many parts listed by him, (?her). May be one stop shopping!
    Good luck!


    SADIE_primal in Twinsburg, Ohio, 100% satisfactory rating for 2,000+ sales!
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