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Thread: Thoughts and Ideas on Underside Up-Armoring?

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    Thoughts and Ideas on Underside Up-Armoring?

    EDIT 2:

    I found the third plate on Ebay - needs surface rust removal and re-paint. I'll probably re-fab the large front plate out of same gauge I guess this wanted item can be considered "closed" - thanks for looking!


    So today I found two of the three Trooper skid plates - but I got 'em off a Rodeo - see the image below for explanation (not my image):

    The two I found were the "triangular" ones shown above - the ones to the top-left and center-right (with all the speed holes). I was not able to find the one to the immediate top-right. I'm still looking.

    My understanding (if anyone wants to correct me, chime in!) is that these just bolt right up; you don't need to do any mods? Is that correct? If not - not a big deal, just gotta drill some hole(s) - I just want to know what/where I'm dealing with here when I get round to install time! Thanks!

    So I'm probably going to use that front skid plate I have as a pattern to fab up something lighter weight, maybe from the same gauge steel as what's already used for the Trooper/Rodeo plates I have now. The front plate I have is really heavy; I'm not planning on rock-crawling my VX, I just want a little bit of extra protection from the trail.

    If anyone has any other thoughts - let me know!


    All - my VX is a work in progress - as I find time and money. Recently plowed a bit into her - but I plan to do some more. What I'd like to do is add some more armor on the bottom side to protect the expensive stuff. I already have a rear diff guard welded on (the one Rocky Road sells - I also have their lift kit and super-sliders installed). What I'm thinking is a few things:

    1) Trooper skid plates if I can find some somewhere
    2) DIY skid-plates made from road sign aluminum and 1/2" UHMW poly
    3) Some other custom skid plate system (I have a front plate that I got from Kat a while back - with that as a pattern, plus some plans I got from a member a while back - maybe I can work something?)

    I've also thought about a front diff armor fabbed using something bought (there's some sliders/shields made by WARN and Rancho that look like they might be able to work with some cuttin' and weldin').

    Other ideas I'm bangin' around in my head - a front receiver hitch (already have the Curt hitch installed), to be able to mount a portable winch and other fun things too - I'm thinking something might fit in a way to hide it behind the front plate area... Lights... Exhaust...

    Lemme know what you guys think!
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    I also pulled 2 skid plates off of a 95 Rodeo so those do work but am still short one too. I am getting a winch behind the bumper, roof rack and pre-runners made at a fab shop, I will ask them if that could make a simple skid plate to cover the area we are missing a skid plate for.

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