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Thread: Rear Diff help!!

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    Rear Diff help!!

    Hey everybody!!

    Looks like my rear diff bit the dust after the lift so I'm looking for a third member to drop in. My mechanic said it looks to be a few bearings that went and the ring and pinion are worn pretty good so the easy option is a complete third member. I just did the front diff drop brackets so I don't really want to have to tear that all apart again to re-gear to 4.56 but if I can't find a rear 4.30 third, ill have to go with the 4.56.

    I know indy has 4.30 third members but it looks like they are open diffs so would I be able to swap my LSD into that? I tried phoning and emailing but they haven't answered.

    Does anyone know where else id be able to source a third member from? I prefer new but can be used as long as its low miles and no damage.
    the prices for one up here is ridiculous ($4,000 ridiculous)
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    You have another set of diff drops?

    Just asking...


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