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Thread: Gas tank problems

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    Gas tank problems

    So like some of you my gas tank started leaking. Would fill it 1/2 way then went to 1/4 way and would smell gas leaking for an hour or two out side of the car. The gas tank needle would always dance around and I figured with 110,000 miles it was starting to rust and needed to be replaced. I bought a 2nd hand used tank from Ebay, from a guy that has sold many vehicross parts on Ebay - seller was sadie_primal - who by the way was a great guy ! and made sure I got the parts in good condition. Well I ordered a new fuel pump from rock auto. sender unit, gaskets, float valves, and all hardware from Jack Miller Isuzu in Kansas which were a great help also. From fear of the used tank rusting I prepped and painted it with POR-15 another great product which stops rust and made the tank look new (lots of videos on Youtube).
    So today the Vehicross went to the gas station (they have a lift to make the job easy) and they took down the old tank.
    What I saw was the tank it self was not leaking - it was the sender unit on the side of the gas tank which rusted out around the seal and therefore causing the gas to leak. I had them replace the tank with my refurbished one and I should be able to go another 100,000 miles. Rear bumper had to be pulled down, and tank guard removed to replace fuel tank.
    So if anyone needs a fuel tank - I have one but it needs a new sender ! - This is not an easy job and after all parts and labor and shipping it was close to a grand to do. I love my car, have had it since 5,000 miles (second owner) and have a lot of the little problems we all share as Vehicross owners but would not trade it for another car ! - in the future I for see a rebuilt transmission and finally a paint job (but only have to do half) :0 - cladding covers the other half !

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    If you want to badge your VX after that paint job you better start looking for badges now. Most of them are discontinued and unavailable. Glad you had success with your gas tank issue and thanks for the post.
    Live, Love, Forgive and Never Give Up

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    Sourced a NICE clean tank $50 out of a 2001 manual Trooper (yes I took the AR5 too!) in Albuquerque, NM
    Got it home, and I don't know how i overlooked it, but God how I hate U-Pull-It yards....

    Drain plug in the middle, still in place, and punched holes on either side. SERIOUSLY GUYS?????? You can't take the 20 seconds to just pull the drain plug???
    Sigh. Well, its all scrubbed out (lacquer thinner and then acetone) and airing out in the dry New Mexico air. We'll weld up the holes, and mount it up later this summer.

    And no, I'm not worried about blowing up (not that I haven't considered it, but I think we have taken very reasonable precautions). I cleaned the tank out. Its air drying - for 4 months in New Mexico which has to be about as dry as dry gets. I'm certain there will be NOTHING to smell left in the tank, much less be at risk for combustion. And I am FIRMLY of the conviction that there is no WAY enough gasoline could "permeate the metal and outgas" to be any kind of a fire risk much less an explosion risk. (But thank you all for being worried for me!) And I will try to remember to get photos!

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    My fuel pump just died! 170k miles. Looked everywhere locally (michigan) and decided I had to have the tank restored.. Rust isn't that bad, but some of the screws holding in the sending unit and level unit were seized. Since I can't have a tank shipped to me from a southern or western state this seems to be the best option. Going to POR15 the hell out of the rear frame, floor, and anything else I can see while it is out!

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