SO I am trying to bring myself to sell my baby. High mileage 224,444 with salvage title and a transmission that is beginning to slip in D when its cold. Had the fluid checked and it's full so my trusted mechanic says its internal and tranny shop wants $2000 to rebuild. I don't want to let her go but my wife will kill me if I do.

On the salvage title. This comes from about 2 years ago when someone ran a stop sign and I put my drivers front corner into the front door pillar on a Toyota Corolla. I ended up repairing with my son for him to drive his last year of highschool. She not perfect, we pulled the corner out enough to get fender straight and a new headlight pointed in the right direction. I didn't want to put too much into it in case he had a teenage boy incident. We reused the bumper cladding after heating it to reshape enough to get it back on with a working turn signal. I also got a slightly bent hood (shipped greyhound) from someone here but can't recall at the moment who (Alabama?)

So he's off to college and I am driving it most days when the tranny starts slipping a few weeks ago and I either need to commit to forever or let her go. I have 5 almost perfect 16" original alloys and a yakima roof rack. Other than a set of somewhat scuffed American Racing alloys this girl is bone stock. I am not sure if I am looking for therapy, advice, an offer or just a show of locust hands ready to pick her apart. I will try and post some pics if I can figure it out.

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