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Thread: Windshield Replacement

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    Cool Windshield Replacement

    Just had to replace my windshield after a rock hit the corner of the glass; worst place!

    For those needing a replacement, here is the latest on availability and pricing. Surprisingly, the news is good!

    Safelite Auto Glass is definitely the way to go. They have over 500 locations across the US.
    Had mine replaced by Tony at Safelite in Burlington, Washington, just south of the Canadian border. Incredible service.
    The Safelite part # was FW02125 GBN - with SOLAR Tint.

    The windshield is manufactured by FY ( ) Quote - "Fuyao Group is the largest, most advanced manufacturer, and the biggest exporter of the automotive glass in China. Today, FUYAO automotive glass are successfully exported to Asia, America, Australia, EUROPE, including Ukraine and Russia."

    The price at Safelite Auto Glass, including fitting, taxes and an owner lifetime warranty on material or labor defects was a whopping $225.63 !!
    The actual material cost for the glass was $138.00!

    If anyone needs a windshield replaced in northern Washinton State, I highly recommend Tony and Larse at Safelite in Burlington.

    NB: One thing I was shocked to learn, that you should NEVER use the windshield sealant that contains silicone, the one that most automotive stores sell! The reason being that once applied and cured, NOTHING will stick to it. In other words, should you ever need to have your windshield replaced, the urethane adhesive/sealant that windshield installers use, will not stick or form a good seal wherever silicone has been applied before. Unless you sand and repaint the windshield frame prior to installing a replacement, you WILL have water leaks!

    I hope all of this is helpful!
    aka Geoff

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    What is that freaky black rubber trim along the side of the windshield??? Mine is bubbling up like the metal inside it is completely rusting out because the cap on top is missing!!! Now what do I do!

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