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Thread: Windows Binding Problem Fixed for $3 in 3 minutes

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    Wrench Windows Binding Problem Fixed for $3 in 3 minutes

    Yesterday, bought a 10 oz. can of Johnsens Silicon Lubricant at Kmart for $2.99, plus tax.

    Sprayed some of the clear liquid, liberally, on both window tracks. It dried within seconds and remained clear. Tried raising each window and to my utter amazement, the windows worked like when I drove my then brand new '99 Ironman off the dealership lot. This miracle liquid was from the window seals fountain of youth. One of its applications, as stated on the can's instructions, "Lubricates and prolongs the life of weather stripping on hoods, trunk lids, doors and windows."

    Couple years ago, paid an auto shop $1,200 to fix the window binding problem. They installed new hardware and applied silicon grease, but the binding problem persisted. Sure wish I'd found this can of magic before coughing up over a grand.
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    Glad that worked for you...I do this about every other oil change.

    I've also had to replace regulators and brackets because they get old and break. The primary issue is that the regulator track can't be easily reached to keep it lubed.

    I've started taking my door panels off during my annual deep cleaning and lubing them in the same manner.
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