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Thread: Illuminated Sun Visor

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    Illuminated Sun Visor

    I've been wanting to replace my sun visors with illuminated sun visors. I've went to junk yards and have looked (and measured) sun visors from Ascenders and Rodeo Sports. Neither will fit. I haven't been able to find an Axiom or any other Isuzu vehicle that has illuminated sun visors. I know I can modify the ones I have, but I want a real factory feel when it comes to the visors. I was hoping to find visors that are the same dimensions as what we have, but that are illuminated. I would simply run the power to them myself.

    Can anyone please recommend a vehicle that I should look for? Or any ideas?

    Has anyone else done this?



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    Just a guess but perhaps the Acura SLX would have those.

    Good luck with your search.
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    I seen these and it may be quick and easy. battery operated..

    Custom Accessories 53331 Black Visor Vanity Mirror look in Amazon

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