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Thread: Quick Headlight Restoration? Sure!

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    Quick Headlight Restoration? Sure!

    Hey all - I just wanted to post about something, probably you already know about - but maybe not?

    Anyhow - I just got done trying out a product I bought a while back to "restore" the headlight lenses on my VX. It took me about 5 minutes total for both lenses. Both were originally cloudy (unfortunately, I didn't get a "before" shot - doh!), and my headlights seemed dim - I figured I would give this product a shot before trying more drastic measures (ie - sanding/polishing). Ultimately, the results were impressive!

    (a couple of more photos are in my gallery of the other side - also, there's a couple of older photos of my VX that you can kinda compare with)

    I wouldn't call it perfect - not by a long shot, no awards being won here! - but for a few dollars and 5 minutes of work, it was well worth it. Tomorrow I'll try out my headlights (I go to work really early) - and I will update this thread in a month or so to let everyone know how they've held up long term.

    Anyhow - the product - It's "Meguiar's PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish". It comes in a squeeze bottle, and I used a terry cloth towel to apply it. It has a slight bluish color; just squeeze, rub it on good with some pressure, then polish'r up with a clean side of the cloth, and yer done!

    /somewhat dirty

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    Looks good! The only problem with this is that it will eventually fade again--and likely sooner, because there's no factory UV coating on it (since that's what got sanded off. I'd recommend hitting it with a nice clear-coat, or taking it to a mod shop and having them put a clear-bra over the lights, just to help protect this from happening again...or at least as soon.

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