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Thread: I've had my Vehicross for 11 years!

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    I've had my Vehicross for 11 years!

    I forgot to post my 10 year anniversary last year and I forgot to post my 11th year anniversary this year, so, here it goes........
    I have owned my '01 Ebony Vehicross since, May 16th, 2004! I love my VX more than ever and driving, "him", NEVER gets old!
    I have had dreams/nightmares that I sold my VX and bought a jeep. The whole dream was me trying to get my beloved Vehicross back! I have actually woken up crying when I've had those nightmares!
    I have absolutely no plans of selling my pride and joy. Hopefully, he will keep on going for a very long time! My VX had approx. 5,500 miles on him when I bought him in May of '04, now he has, 38,830 miles. The only issues I've had were the windows and wet carpet syndrome, drivers and passengers side and when it gets really hot out, the temp will rise, when the ac is blasting. Also, last year I had that evap thing with the gas tank, that kept me from passing deq, other than that, my VX has never failed, or, stranded me!
    It's kind of funny, but, I see my Vehicross as a being, not a thing.
    I love my Vehicross, thank you, for keeping me safe and getting me from here to there in one piece, with a smile on my face, every time!

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    Awesome Laurie...
    .. I feel the same about my "girl " SUPPORT THIS SITE WITH YOUR VOLUNTARY $20 DONATION...
    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

    ~ ~ > OFF ROAD WHORE <~ ~

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    Yup, I know zactly how ya feel...
    Vixer Fixer

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