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Thread: Solution Finish - Cladding restorer

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    Solution Finish - Cladding restorer

    Well it's time for another cladding product review...

    I found this while looking for something new to use on my cladding. Granted it's in good shape anyway but I've just never found something that really makes it dark and stays. And I really wanted something that didn't have lots of shine to it like some of the other products that I've used. I realize that Gatorback would be a good option as well, but I don't like the way it changes the texture of the cladding.

    I found this product, Solution Finish, during my search and ordered it from Amazon. I ordered the 12 oz. size just to make sure I had enough as I was a bit skeptical about the 1 oz. bottle doing the entire VX. $40 for the large size and $29 for the kit with the 1 oz. size. I have plenty left for future use and the 1 oz. size probably would have done the VX...maybe. It had some good reviews on YouTube and not just from the manufacturer.

    It's paint friendly, but needs to wiped off soon but not immediately. I taped off the VX just to be sure (I'm sure the manufacturer wouldn't misrepresent the product...that never happens) but I won't the next time. I removed my tail lights, front lights in the front cladding, my cosmetic skid plate, and my grill. You wouldn't have to do this but I wanted to make sure those covered areas got done at least the first time.

    Here are some pics and I loved the product. Easy to use, just follow the directions. I'll check back after a few washes or some more rain...hopefully after washes because we don't need any more rain right now in CO.

    Live, Love, Forgive and Never Give Up

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    Looks good. Thanks for the review. Keep us updated.
    Billy Oliver
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    It's been over 3 months now and the product is still holding up very well. I have not used anything else on the cladding and it still looks great. It's been washed, rained on, and wheeled down some pretty dusty, rocky forest service roads.

    I'm sold on this product!

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    The best stuff I have used more than twice is the Forever Black! I tied Mothers and that stuff was terrible and took it back.
    Tape off the paint and wear gloves and use a small sponge the results are excellent. Billy

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