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Thread: Common Issues- EVAP and ABS

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    Common Issues- EVAP and ABS

    Reaching the end of my rope. I replaced my ABS module with a used kept the ABS light off for about 3 days. My check engine light is on for EVAP error. Changed to Isuzu gas cap, tightened and or replaced any hoses/sensors, tried swapping out the computer/ECM etc...and the light continues to linger. Does anyone have any secrets about these two issues? My Vehicross has been great otherwise. Had for 4 years now and just hit only 68000 miles.

    From what I've read, it seems the ABS and emissions thing is something common to the vehicross and I am far from a mechanic.. Shy of just putting electrical tape over these warning lights, I am open to any secrets or suggestions. Seems to be tough to get parts for these issues also.


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    Have you determined which code is causing the ABS light? It might not be the main unit - could be a remote sensor.

    Also, on the CEL, I get something similar whenever the take reaches half-full. It then goes away when I fill up., I suspect it's something with the evap canister - just living with the light for now.

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    1. Remove the ABS light from the dash cluster & be done with it. The VX is much better off without ABS anyway IMHO. It'll only take you about 30 minutes & a Phillips screwdriver. I have a How2 with pixes if you want.

    2. You'll have to read the codes on the CEL for us to be much help. I get a P0442 code quite often which indicates that it could be the Evap Canister (replacing the gas cap didn't help). In reality I recently noticed that fuel drips from the tube running from the fill port to the tank. I think that would give the same symptoms to the computer as a loose gas cap & throw a CEL.

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    Evap code

    I got the same code after removing the solenoid assembly from the side of the abs unit. Because u have to move a lot of stuff out of the way to work on the ABS modulator the Evap canister may have been turned upside down and raw fuel may have clogged the line. I just cleared the code and hope it doesn't return. I used to get a gas gap code every month on my 2005 dodge Dakota! Evap is nothing to worry about.

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    I got my p0440 cleared up. It ended up being 8 dollars of plastic hoses. FYI all evap codes are checked when the tank is above 1/4 and below 3/4 (give or take an 1/8 depending on manufacturer). If you try reseting the code and taking it in, you won't pass. The system requires it to be within the tank levels to run the test.

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