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Thread: Tire Size Question: Gearing and fender cutting

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    Tire Size Question: Gearing and fender cutting

    I just purchased my Fuel wheels (thank you for the idea VXorado)! 17x8.5 ($211 ea Amazon, no shipping no tax)! With 6mm offset, I'm trying to decide what size tires to get... My plan is Nitto Mud Grappler Extreme Terrain. I have a 3" lift. My minds-eye is for at least 33" but one size works out to be 33.8x12.5R17... Thats close to 34" and 12.5" wide! My questions are (from YOU experienced folks); Will this size tire (33.8x12.5) fit without a ton of fender cutting? And would it be better for me to go with a 33x11.5?? All the same size questions as it regards gearing or re-gearing? Is anyone running 33.8 tires with stock gears? Is it ok? I'm new to the VX world... BUT THIS FORUM has been a great resource for all my VX questions and modifications decisions! Thankyou for ALL the great info. I value and respect your detailed write ups!
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    Nice, I want to see the wheels installed!

    33x11.5 will require less cutting for sure. The rubbing of wider tires happens when you turn, generally it's the wider the worse. I was running 32x11.5 before upgrading to 35x12.50. The 12.50 width required more cutting to make them fit. That being said, you mostly cut the inner back edge of wheel well and it's not very noticeable.

    I would personally go for the 12.50 since you'll be cutting regardless.

    ...and post some pics.

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    Tire Size Question: Gearing and fender cutting

    Thank you for the terrific feedback and the AWESOME wheel idea... I WILL shoot you some pics once complete. I've looked at 100's of wheels and the one you posted of the Fuel wheels I had not seen. But those Fuel Anza wheels were the nicest I had ever come across (except the HRH classic slotted mag - discontinued). It'll be probably be a month or so, they still haven't shipped my lift kit, and Joe Darlington just shipped my Diff drop and cross-member. OK on the tire size and cutting. I will go with the 33.8X12.5R17's! Have you or anyone have any feedback regarding the "gearing"? IF I run 33.8" tires will I be ok with the stock (4.30:1) gears?? I found out that the best deal I could get on the Nitto Mud Grappler Extreme Terrain is at Walmart OR

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    Hiya Frisbee

    X2 what Jon said !

    Front edge of cladding will need cutting back, but major work is Lower back of front wheel wells.
    Remove inner wells plastic lining at back lower , and cut/hammer the metal brace
    that you'll see under there.
    Its not no issues..mine is problems!

    If you want some pics of the look of mine now..let me know.


    As for gearing...
    I ran 33's for 2 plus years on standard gearing...and ran 35's for about 6 months on standard gearing.
    It will obviously screw with your MPH reading..and shift points...
    ...but its not a huge issue IMO.

    If you are going to keep the VX for a while, I'd suggest starting a hunt for the ever
    elusive 4.77 gears from the Trooper RS.
    I run these now and am very happy with them.....
    ....but they are VERY hard to find !


    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

    ~ ~ > OFF ROAD WHORE <~ ~

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    Now I will x2 Jo!

    I forgot about that part of your question. My answer is the same as Jo's.

    I ran 32-33" tires for three years on the original 4.30 gearing. When I upgraded to 35" tires, I ran the original gearing for 1 1/2 years before upgrading. I wasn't lucky enough to snag a pair of 4.77 gears, so I chose to use 4.56 gears which are very common in early 90's Troopers.

    It's going to be a little bit more sluggish with stock gearing but you don't need to upgrade right away. If you ever want to install a locker, the best time is when you're re-gearing. That's why I waited so long to jump to 4.56 gearing.

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    Bumping this thread, because I also have a question on gearing/acceleration. My VX feels sluggish off the line, and though the engine feels like it's putting out the power, it feels like it's just not getting to the wheels. Seems to be fine at speed though, it's just up to about 35 mph that it really feels dog slow. Running 265/70r16's btw.

    1. Is this normal for a VX?

    2. How much am I going to kill my MPG if I upscale the gearing?

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