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Thread: any alarm people here?

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    any alarm people here?

    i have a viper 550 esp alarm in myVX that no longer works (why im not sure) i want to have a remote start so i bought a avital 4301 remote start and thought i would just have to disconnect the old alarm and hook up the avital. but when looking at the install of the old viper alarm under the dash i noticed that there are relays going from the car wiring to the viper alarm which is not in the directions of the old alarms and relays didn't come with that alarm so who ever installed the alarm added the relays and i have no idea why. which is one of my questions???

    also does anyone have this remote start in the vx cause im thinking if my old alarm needed relays does this one also need them. I want to take them out cause the relays may be the reason the alarm don't work anymore.

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    Hey Adam, shoot me a quick email I'll try my best to help you out.
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