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Thread: Replacing relay/flasher for LED turn signals

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    You mean you've never seen a VX's light burn out, or you've never seen a blinker announce it?

    The notification has been standard for years upon years. Blinker modules have been based around voltage draw, which means that it doesn't cycle until the light is fully lit. LED has reduced current draw, which the module falsely interprets as a lack of current draw, and thus cycles more rapidly.

    Literally ever car I've ever owned had a rapidly cycling blinker when a bulb burnt out; VX isn't any different.

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    I have seen blinkers out before. I had no idea the rapid flash was what it was doing to indicate that. I personally have never had a blinker go out. Head light sure, even a brake light or a running light. Never had a blinker light go out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wantvegas View Post
    I take it by installing this new relay it lets you use LED bulbs for the front and back turn signals? With out the car thinking one of the lights is out?

    Also, do you have a link to where I can buy this relay? Thanks!
    I just bought LED bulbs with resistors built into them on Amazon and replaced every interior and exterior bulb, save the license plate lights, with them, no hyper flash, they look great - super bright, but are more expensive than a relay swap.

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