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Thread: Diagnose Engine Failure??

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    Lightbulb Diagnose Engine Failure??

    The new engine install is complete. Woo Hoo!!

    I kept the old motor and I'm wondering if anyone wants to tear it down and find out what the real problem is with Isuzu blocks?? I can get a quote to ship it anywhere. I don't really want to pay for the shipping so if someone wants to take this task on to help others we may want to get donations or something.

    Let me know if there is any interest in pursuing this.



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    Will you sell me the valve covers from your old engine?

    I have a project in mind and I need a spare set to accomplish it

    Live Free or DIE!

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    Give me a few weeks?


    I need to set aside some time to pick the old motor up from the dealer. I can only do it between 8 - 5 M thru F and that's when I work so I'll make arrangements to do it. I need to check it out to find out what is good and what's not. Then I can decide what I can get rid of. Just don't want to sell you junk valve covers if they are. I'll let you know.

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