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Thread: oil lines leaking??

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    oil lines leaking??

    On the front passenger side of the engine there are two metal that turn to rubber lines that run across from the engine to up by the radiator. Are those just engine oil lines that run up to by the oil filter I haven't had a chance to really look at them yet. If so what size rubber tubing is that. Just at a peek I know they are starting to leak pretty good at the ends. Thanks in advance.

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    Those are your trans cooler lines. 3/8" gas hose from AutoZone or CarQuest will do the trick nicely and you will want to replace the tension-style hose clamps with screw-type hose clamps. Just let your friendly counter-man know what you're up to and he will steer you in the right direction. Even better if you drive the VX there and he can take a peek...Best-o-luck, it's an easy fix but you'll want to top off the trans when you're done!
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    X2 what Scott said. I may should do it sooner than later. Don't want to run your tranny low on fluid. The hoses themself are a 10 minute job. Topping the fluid of will take a bit longer (schedule yourself an afternoon). Be sure and follow the propper procedures when topping off the fluid (it has been written about quite a few times on here).
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